What you see here are mostly Zentangle Inspired Art-forms or ZIAs. You'll see a lot of copyright notices out in the blogosphere for Zentangles. Head right over to and you'll get the point. They--Rick and Maria--are the founders of the artform and have created a method and set of products to go along with. They own the rights to the method and the name.
I take a path less traveled, just INSPIRED by the artform. I have a stack of books on the subject and I have yet to meet or learn from a CZT's--those lucky artists who have met the founders and learned the method properly.
While I embrace the method, I haven't embraced all of Zentangle-dom. So, my materials are simple and readily available. Mostly, a Strathmore sketchbook and a Sharpie (ultra fine point) are all I need and I get them at the local Walmart. A couple of pencils, I like them soft, 2HB. For a blender, I have 8--my fingers travel with me everywhere! The only indulgence is a Pentel hi-polymer eraser as it doesn't get crispy like a pencil eraser (the desert heat is rough on rubber). That I choose an eraser at all is out-of-bounds for official Zentangles. SHHH! Don't tell anyone!
I bought a stack of blank round bar coasters on Amazon. I like those as I can approach the art from all directions, in true Zentangle fashion. I hope to drop the resulting art into the environment and see where they end up.
I 'do' a lot of other things, so the materials lists are long and varied. There's Photoshop for digital imagery and photography. Yarn and fabrics for my needlearts; magazines and tons of ephemera for collage. I occasionally make forays into painting and other, mostly two-dimensional art, as well as jewelry, so there're boxes of 'art stuff.' THEN, there's the kitchen! And that's a whole other art form!
I hope you enjoy what you see that I have created, perhaps interested enough to drop a note or even to try your own hand at some of this 'stuff.' Let me know; share your thoughts and your art!
Have a brilliant day!

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