I doubt I'll be the one to cure cancer or make sure everyone on the planet has clean drinking water. I know this to be true, actually, since I do not work at making those things happen.
It may be a little cynical, but am I right?
Regardless, I CAN give unto the world small gifts, "gifts to humanity." If all they do is provide a little pleasure, perhaps I have done my job in this little corner of the world.

Please enjoy, but also I ask proper attribution. Do not claim these as your own creative works, but rather make your own from what I give to you (in the States, we call this "derivative works." I don't know how that translates across the planet, but we can talk about it). Fair is fair, yes?
And if you are so inclined, let me know what you do make of it. I'd love to know where these things go! Email me at 1xeritas@gmail.com.

String from September 19, 2016:

This first one was inspired by an amaryllis that bloomed this week (May 11, 2016).

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