Thursday, July 31, 2014

What is it about Zentangle?

I came across a book entitled "One Zentangle a Day," about two years ago. I've doodled some of the days' activities and jumped around a lot. A LOT! I've not yet acquired any official Zentangle merchandise or even half of the suggested supplies for that workbook. [Mind you, I have pretty much all that 'stuff" already. It's just a matter of finding it--most of my art stuff, nay, most of my "stuff" has been packed in boxes for two years, in storage for half of that].

But that's not the point (although it has something to do with why I've jumped around with it).

I found the art method prescribed as a meditative tool to help heal spiritual and physical scars and read a lot of stories of how people implemented it into their daily routine. I was looking for pain management as well as a means to maintain focus (or get it to begin with, depending on the kind of day or week I'm having). I needed help as I had surgery four years ago now and I'm still experiencing "issues."

I like that I can draw. I like that I can use pretty much whatever is at hand--I started with a spiral bound ruled notebook and a Sharpie. Works okay. Easily accessible. But that misses the beauty that can be found in the melange of doodles, tangles, dribbles and mere lines. I've progressed up to some fancier papers and pens and have a lot of ideas for future projects. I have incorporated the method into some of my other art and it feels good.

And along the way I have found I can focus for a while on what I'm doing, or in some cases, what the doodle wants to become. I can sit for a lot longer now than I had been as I don't notice the "issues" so much. At least for a little while. And if I'm wide awake at 3 AM, I have something quiet and relaxing to do!


ANYone who knows me knows I can be a bit analytical and doing homework on the process and body of art is no exception. So, along with the illustrations come the nudgy parts: copyrights, derivatives, attribution, royalties, ad nauseum.

ANY artwork you see here should be my own. That means I own the copyrights because I did it. That said, SOME of the work deserves attribution. For starters, the Zentangle (R) method of drawing is a registered trademark of Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. I didn't make it up but like a lot of other artists, have been doing this kind of thing all my life. It didn't have a name other than mindless doodling (which researchers have found sharpens your attention rather than distract, but that's another story). But they own the rights to it and good for them! [NB: I am not a CZT, an artist who is certified to teach the method. You can find one of those here.]

SOME of the patterns were created and are official ZENTANGLES and others were created and thus are owned by various artists across the planet. The talent out there is extraordinary! That said, using the patterns is supposedly allowed and thus derivatives thereof are allowed and thus become property of the individual artist. Such as, I cannot say I created a certain pattern or group of patterns. BUT, I can say that I created the unique piece of work from those patterns, a derivative. I'm supposed to give proper attribution to the author of the patterns and if I don't, it's because the information is widely available. If there's other art I've placed here without proper attribution, just bring it to my attention and I will make things right. I don't claim to be a genius, I just play one on TV. KIDDING!

I reserve the right to create, display and share work that I have created from scratch, altered artworks, photographs, collage and drawings. If you wish to share my work with others, proper attribution is the name of the game (and my work should have some copyright information already attached, but sometimes it's just a bit, well, tedious!) I also reserve the right to sell my own work as well as earn royalties for derivatives of my work. 

If you really like my work, buy an original. That's so I can take the starving part out of starving artist. Thanks!

About Me


I'm Cheryl and I'm a lot of things
And a lot of different things to different people.
For one year, almost, I've been a homeowner
Ten years, a graphic artist
Twenty years on a computer (or forty, depending on the definition of "computer") 
25 years, a parent
35 years a photographer
45 years, an illustrator, sewist, crocheter
50 years a sister
55 a daughter
I'm a lover, a therapist, a tax advisor, nutritionist, nurse, chef, chauffeur, a friend. I've been a nanny, housekeeper (don't laugh so hard!), farmer, saleperson, bookkeeper, student, model, yoga instructor, travel agent, newspaper reporter, bus driver, Scout leader, coach. Some call me "Compost Queen," a dubius honor for sure, but it keeps my garden happy.
I think I missed a few.
I'm working on a cookbook so my adult children don't starve. And the house I own is quaintly called, "vintage," but it's really a project.
Love to hear from ya! If you wish to drop me a line, drop here :

Have a brilliant day!

Brand new blog!

I have been thoroughly enjoying being engaged to the Zentangle community and the many permutations and off-shoots I have found. I have found much joy and collective creative spirit that has overflowed into all spaces of my life. Thus a new blog is born!

There are also my other pursuits that will hopefully show up: photography, gardening, needlework of all flavors, travel and family. I will extoll those who are virtuous by protecting the identity of the innocents and blatantly flaunt those who make me proud!
[Disclamer: wait until I become a grandmother! I'll be unbearable.]

I've posted some art here:

My Flickr Doodle Gallery

and some great artists and tanglers have already found me there. I thank everyone for taking time to view and critique my work. I hope to channel some of that creative energy for bettering my crafts and inspiring others (now there's a tall order!)

Have a brilliant day!